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Extra - Extra - Read all about it. We are introducing a brand new key cabinet from MMF. This cabinet is a Hook style key cabinet featuring 310 hooks. The cabinet has been specifically designed for the new automotive key fobs, but can be used to store any type of key, including the paracentric keys used in jails.
safelock key cabinet
KABA Auditcon

biometric key cabinet
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In fact, we customized our first 310 hook key cabinet for a prison on the east coast. They needed to know who accessed their keys and when. And they need to store that audit trail essentially forever.

Our solution?

Mount a lock like you would find on a safe or gun locker on the key cabinet. After a lot of research and one false start, we found our lock. The Kaba Auditcon 2 Model 552 electronic safe lock. This lock has several features that made it ideal for this customer. So ... we created a custom mounting plate for the lock and installed it on the new MMF key cabinet.

With this mounting plate, we can now install almost any safe lock on a key cabinet, including locks with bio-metric/fingerprint readers. Yes, these locks are expensive (the least expensive is about $180), but when you need it we can deliver.

Selectlocks.com still has the best

Key Lock Boxes and Key Cabinets

particularly the Kidde KeySafe line of lock boxes and MMF key cabinets.

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Our product lines include:

Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
both Hook
and Slot styles
or Customized just
for you

Motor Vehicle Key Cabinets
Motor Vehicle
Key Storage

from MMF
and HPC

Key Lock Box
Key Lock Boxes
from Supra/Kidde
and FJM

Drop Box
Locking and Security
Drop Boxes

from Perma-Vault
and MMF

Tamper Proof Key Control
Tamper Proof
Key Control

from LuckyLine
and Kidde

Locking Medicine Cabinets
Locking Medicine Cabinets
from Selectlocks.com
and HPC

and many other key storage products and accessories, including products from Okay's Key Safe, Key Bak and VelKey.

We can customize many of our cabinets with either the CompX DualAxess combination cam lock or the KL1000 / KL1500 electronic combination lock from Codelocks. And now we have the ability to install locks like you find on safes or gun lockers. These locks, while expensive, provide extra functionality and security.

If you don't find what you want, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution available.

We will ship internationally, but special arrangements must be made, first. Shipping will not include any taxes, duty, custom's fees or other government charges. Please contact us with your shipping information for a quote.

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