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With the spread of COVID-19, we find ourselves in a time of global uncertainty.  Our hearts go out to everyone impacted, and we will continue to operate in the best interest of our families, customers and communities. 
We are adhering to the CDC guidelines for sanitizing our work areas, washing hands and safely preparing all of our shipments.

Due to the quickly changing business environment, we are experiencing delays in replenishing products to our inventory.  Most recently with the California Government requiring all Californians to Stay at Home some of our major suppliers are currently closed. We have been assured that all of our orders will be processed, however lead times to fill orders will be extended until business returns to normal.

In the meantime, we are open for business and will continue to fulfill orders for products we have in stock. 
We will notify you immediately upon receipt of an order if there is a product shortage or delay in shipping.

We are all in this together. We thank you for supporting small business and being part of the family.

If you can't find what you want,
have questions or need a quote,
call us at (831) 295-8460
or toll free in the USA (877) 254-5411

Our product lines include:
Key Lock Box with Retractor
Key Lock Boxes
With Retractor

Available Only
Key Cabinets
Key Cabinets
both Hook
Slot styles
or Customized
just for you

Motor Vehicle Key Cabinets
Motor Vehicle
Key Storage

from MMF
and HPC

Key Lock Box
Key Lock Boxes
from Kidde,
Nuset, FJM
and Keysure
Drop Box
Locking and Security
Drop Boxes

from Perma-Vault
and MMF
Tamper Proof Key Control
Tamper Proof
Key Control

and Kidde

and many other key storage products and accessories, including products from Okay's Key Safe, Key Bak and VelKey.

We can customize many of our cabinets with either the CompX DualAxess combination cam lock or the KL1000 / KL1550 electronic combination lock from Codelocks.

If you don't find what you want, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution available.

We will ship internationally, but special arrangements must be made, first. Shipping will not include any taxes, duty, custom's fees or other government charges. Please contact us with your shipping information for a quote.

Always a Discount for the Military: Call for the discount code
(877) 254-5411

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