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Heavy Duty
Locking Cable Key Ring
Crimping Tool
For Securing Locking Cable Key Rings
w/Sleeve & Open End
Heavy Duty<br />Locking Cable Key Ring<br />Crimping Tool <br />For Securing Locking Cable Key Rings<br />w/Sleeve & Open End
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Part Number:30-88100
For locking cable key rings w/sleeve and open end; produces a sharp narrow crimp to lock the connector closed. The tool is 10" long overall.

Instructions for use: Insert the cable key ring into the keys and insert the open end of the key ring completely into the sleeve. Position the cable key ring in the notch in the blades of the tool and apply firm pressure to crimp the metal. Rotate the tool 90° (a quarter turn) around the sleeve and crimp a second time. The key ring is now locked.

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