Cable Lock Alarm **ON SALE**
Cable Lock Alarm **ON SALE**
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Sadly, theft is a potential problem we all face.  Ordinary locks do not provide a really strong deterrent.   Law enforcement maintain that loud noise is the best way to minimize crime.

This cable lock, with motion alarm, is a low cost, portable device good for securing many items, particularly skis and snowboards, from theft.

The Cable Lock Alarm features an ear piercing siren that will scare away potential thieves.

If a thief attempts to move the protected item, try to cut the ultra hard steel cable or attack the main lock, the alarm starts screaming at 120 decibels!

The lock features:
. A 2 foot retractable cable
. A 4 digit combination allowing over 10,000 combinations
. A battery cover that locks when the alarm is locked
. Good for indoor or outdoor use
. A self retracting, cut resistant stainless steel cable
. LED indicator showing the alarm status
. Batteries included