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Vel-Key Key Storage Cassette Made in USA
16 Velcro® Key Tags
In a Plastic Cassette Case
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Part Number:28-01160
Think a burglar is going to bother searching old VHS cassettes for valuables? Doubt it!

Organize and hide your keys with this key hider modeled after a video cassette case.  This compact key hider is lightweight, portable and easy to store in a cabinet, drawer or briefcase.

The key hider comes supplied with 16 Velcro® backed, plastic key tags with split metal rings that adhere to the Velcro® lined interior of the key storage case. (replacement/additional key tags are available separately - item 28-02120 Velcro Key Tags)

Closed dimensions 8"h x 4-3/4"w x 1-1/8"d.