Key Lock Boxes

Finding the right key lock box for your home is critical to the safety of the people living in your home and its contents. The best lock box for keys is also very important for businesses ensuring that their assets are protected from theft and vandalism.

We recently had a customer, a large supplier of construction products, come to us looking for a solution to a serious security problem. They had purchased through us a rather large quantity of Title A lock boxes from a manufacturer other than Kidde, formerly Supra. They contacted us because several of their facilities had been compromised. The criminals had been able to access the keys by simply hitting the lock box with a sledge hammer. The key lock boxes broke in half and the keys fell out.

Our solution was to provide lock box bodies made by Kidde to our customer (it turns out that the face plate and lock from the other company fit in the Kidde lock box). The advantage to the Kidde lock box for keys is that it is constructed of a zinc alloy and is cast as one piece. This means that a criminal can hit the key lock box as much as he wants, it will not open. The attack may knock the keybox off the wall and destroy the locking mechanism, but the criminals won't get to the keys - which is the point in the first place.

Keysafe products available include:

KeySafe Portable
Original 2 key
KeySafe Portable

KeySafe Slimline
KeySafe Slimline
2 Key, Surface Mount

KeySafe Pro S7
KeySafe Pro S7
Big Box

KeySafe Auto
KeySafe Vehicle
Lock Box for Cars

Selecting the right lockbox for keys is critical to the safety of the people and contents of your home or business. The key lockbox from Kidde (formerly Supra) is the industry standard in terms of both ruggedness and versatility.

The lock boxes for house keys we sell fill a variety of roles including:
. Secure home access for kids after school
. Regular visits from care providers or Meals on Wheels for seniors
. Convenient access to rental properties for both the renters and the owner.
. Emergency access for EMT, fire and police to the elderly

Kidde Keysafe Slimline

A key lock box from
lets you keep your keys where you want them
and access them when you need them.

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