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Key Lock Boxes

key lock boxKeep your keys where you need them
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The key lock box is an important security device for your home, business or job site. With a lock box for keys you can provide access to only those people who need it without the hassle of duplicating keys for each one of them.

The lock boxes for house keys we sell fill a variety of roles including:
. Secure home access for kids after school
. Regular visits from care providers or Meals on Wheels for seniors
. Convenient access to rental properties for both the renters and the owner.
. Emergency access for EMT, fire and police to the elderly
Kidde Keysafe Slimline

Keysafe products available include:

KeySafe Portable
Original 2 key
KeySafe Portable

KeySafe Slimline
KeySafe Slimline
2 Key, Surface Mount

KeySafe Pro S7
KeySafe Pro S7
Big Box

KeySafe Auto
KeySafe Vehicle
Lock Box for Cars

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Kidde KeySafe Portable Lock Box
Your Price: $27.95
Kidde KeySafe Slimline Lock Box
Your Price: $28.95
Kidde KeySafe S5 Permanent Lock Box
Your Price: $28.95
Kidde KeySafe with Door Mount
Your Price: $29.95
Kidde Keysafe Pro / Big Box Surface Mount
Your Price: $44.95
Kidde KeySafe Pro - Tamper Proof
Your Price: $69.95
Electronic Lock Box - Wall Mount
Your Price: $119.95
NuSet Electronic Lock Box
With Built-In Key Retractor
Your Price: $139.95
Kidde Keyed Lock Box, Surface Mount
Your Price: $39.50
Kidde KeySafe Keyed Lock Box, Door Mount
Your Price: $29.50
Security Lock Box with Key Slot
Your Price: $92.95
Door Mount Lock Box
Your Price: $33.95
Key Keeper
Your Price: $50.00
Surface Mount Key Keeper
Your Price: $47.50