Kidde KeySafe Pro
With Built-In Key Retractor
Tamper Proof, Retractor model
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Kidde KeySafe Pro<br />With Built-In Key Retractor<br />Tamper Proof, Retractor model<br />Available ONLY from
Kidde KeySafe Pro w/Retractor Open
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This key lock box is a customized version of the Supra/Kidde KeySafe Pro lock box featuring:
  • A USA made retractor, with an attached split metal key ring, extends up to 4 feet on a nylon coated stainless steel cable
  • A tamper resistant security screw used to mount the retractor
  • An optional tamper proof cable key ring for added security
    (it must be destroyed to remove the key or access card)
    (Note: the tamper proof cable key ring must replace the split metal key-ring)

Mount this custom lock box next to a locked door or gate and instantly have controlled access to that door or gate. This lock box allows our customers to feel confident that their keys or access cards are securely attached to the lock box and can not be accessed or duplicated without their knowledge - particularly when the optional tamper proof key ring is used.

The standard KeySafe Pro / Big Box features include a heavy duty mechanical keypad -- no batteries needed -- which opens easily using a numeric combination you choose yourself. The combination can be easily changed whenever necessary.

The door of the lockbox is attached with a flexible "hinge" enabling one handed operation and the raised keypad design permits opening the unit in near dark conditions unlike dial combination types.

The lock box body is made with thick rustproof metal walls and an interlocking faceplate for a high degree of security.

Protective cover included.

Follow this link for information about the
KeySafe pushbutton lock.

 KeySafe Door
Surface mount style; may be installed to walls or other surfaces using your own screws or bolts.

Exterior size 4-7/8"h 3-1/2"w 2-1/2"d.

Interior size 3-5/8"h x 2-3/8"w x 1"d.

Color: Black.

Save on 3: When you buy 3 or more $65.95 ea.
KeySafe Pro Lock Box
KeySafe Pro Cover

Includes a flexible black rubber cover that fits snugly but allows easy access.