Locking Medicine & Storage Cabinets

We carry medicine cabinets from HPC and Steelmaster/MMF.

And, after listening to customer requirements and suggestions, and wanting to improve the versatility of the locking medicine cabinets available, we contracted with a local fabrication shop in San Jose, California to build a storage cabinet for us with features no one else has. It is product number 10-12104.

The storage cabinet we have fabricated can be mounted so that the door opens in either direction, has adjustable shelves and is large enough to actually hold full sized bottles of supplies like rubbing alcohol. Our cabinet can be used for general storage or specifically for medicine. Our cabinet comes standard with a keyed tumbler lock, but we can install either of the custom combination locks available for our key cabinets.

If you need to have controlled access to your medicine cabinet, with the newest addition to our electronic lock line - the Kitlock KL1500. you can require 2 unique (programmable) user codes be entered to open the lock. Now you have instant dual access control of your cabinet without the possibility of lost keys. This is particularly important when you need to store Controlled Substances.
Kitlock Dual Access

For an example of how our locking medicine cabinets may be used in a Controlled Substances Program, please review the document developed by Wayne State University in Michigan for their research. That document is available here