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Vehicle Lock Boxes

These key boxes allow you to securely store a spare key on your car, SUV or RV that is easily accessible - if you know the combination.

We can also customize these lock boxes for special circumstances. For instance, we recently had a gentleman call us who had just purchased a new Ford Escort. He wanted to have a key lock box mounted to his Escort so he could store an emergency spare key. However, the new key fobs Ford is providing with the Escort are too large for most of the vehicle lock boxes available - even the Kidde S7 Big Box. combo key keeper
After reviewing our products, and others online, we discovered that our Surface Mount Key Keeper would accommodate the Ford Escort key, if it is placed diagonally in the box. We also found that we could replace the existing Pin Tubular lock with our 3 dial combination lock (with weather cover) and still accommodate the key. This solution, which you will not find anywhere else, let our customer have his spare key securely stored on his vehicle in a lock box he can open without a key keeper

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