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3dCart Review

Posted by on 6/4/2014 to 3dCart Review
3dCart has been an unmitigated disaster for us.  

. Their 'customer support' is a joke - at best.  I have never had a question or issued answered or resolved.  The pat answer is "That's how we do it" or "there is nothing we can do".  

. They make changes without notice and demand ridiculous settings - like a 12 character password for your email.  

. Contrary to what some reviews advertise, they only allow a maximum of 4 pictures for a product that can be available to their vaunted 'zoom' feature.

. Their interface to Quickbooks is a joke. You can have product options with a negative value (e.g. the option reduces the value of the basic product) - but then their QB interface refuses to download that sales receipt.  

. Their 'ship manager' is even worse.  Half the time it does not work - I think because their system is overloaded - and the rest of the time it is slower than molasses in January.  

. Getting anything done is agonizing.  You have to 'click' multiple time to accomplish a task.

Bottom Line ... DO NOT USE 3DCART!!!

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