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Another example of how the 10,000 pounds obscenity named Google is a bad search engine

The obscenity named Google Search proves yet again that it does NOT, I repeat NOT provide accurate search results.

Look for the keyword phrase "lock box to hold keys".  You will not find us listed in the first 10 pages (over 100 'search' results).

Try that same search on Bing or Yahoo and see what you find. is the first web site returned by both search engines. And, to add insult to injury, Bing lists us a second time on the first page at number 5 and Yahoo also places us in position 7.

And this is not unique to this particular search phrase.  It happens over and over again.  And has since September 2012. Quit frankly, Google is trying to drive us out of business.  The only thing saving us are our returning customers who do not give a shit what Google thinks.

I really do not understand why Google hates us so much.  We have never done any 'black hat' seo or tried to 'game' their algorithm in any way.

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