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Customizing the HPC 120 key cabinet with a Compx Dual

Posted by John on 11/25/2013 to Selectlocks Blog
We had the opportunity to work with a government agency recently that was looking for a cabinet to store their keys.

They needed a relatively large capacity key cabinet and wanted a combination lock that could be manually opened with a key override.

Our solution was to take an HPC Kekab-120 - which satisfied the capacity requirement - and replacing the standard wafer lock with the DualAxess keyless cam lock with key override from CompX.

The DualAxess is a very good mechanical combination lock (no batteries needed) and can be accessed by any of 10,000 combinations (any series of four digit numbers). The combination can only be changed with the proper key and current combination.

As you can see, the result is a very attractive solution.

HPC Kekab-120



Date: 12/4/2013
Nice. I like the CompX lock.

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