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Google and Social Networks

Posted by John on 9/29/2013 to Google Disaster
According to several SEO 'experts': "If you are not socially engaged with anyone, Google will consider your site as low authority in that niche. A blog with high social influence is always treated good by Google. Especially when you are engaging your readers on Google +, Facebook and Twitter. Be socially active with different accounts, and make some authority for your blog in that niche. This will make Google to come running into your site with positive signals." Most visitors to our web site are business or government employees. Most of their employers frown on their use of social networks while at work. In fact, most of our customers think Tweating is the sound birds make. This new, social network focus by Google, who is the 10,000 pound gorilla in the search engine space, is - quite frankly - unconscionable. Any business to business web site will not have a lot of facebook and twitter feedback. To penalize us for that is absolutely obscene. Google's actions just add more proof that Google has no social conscious and is, in fact just a big bully.

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