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Holiday Specials

From those of us at, we would like to offer some special suggestions for your Holiday Shopping. Check back when you can - we will be updating this list often.


This lock is great for snow boards and skis. It features a 2 foot long cable and a 4 digit combination lock. If someone tries to break the cable a REALLY LOUD, 120 decibel alarm sounds.
$24.95 each.
Cable Lock Alarm

TSA approved

, these

luggage locks

have an LED light that tells you if your luggage has been opened and a 3 digit lock.

$9.95 each.
TSA Luggage Locks

TSA approved, these luggage locks have a cable shackle and an LED light that tells you if your luggage has been opened. The flexible cable shackle that lets you lock a variety of bags.
$9.95 each.
TSA Cable Lock Luggage Locks

This is the original Okay's Key Safe

belt key holder

, made in the USA since 1959.

$4.15 each.
Okays Key Safe

Valet style key holders that help keep related keys together.
Ranging from $3.00 to $5.00 each.
Okays Key Safe

Organize your keys on this easy to install key rack. Made for up to eight keys with a different key tag color for each key.
$5.00 each.
Split Ring Key Tag Rack