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KitLock KL1000-G3NET Electronic Lock
With Dual Code Mode
KitLock KL1000-G3NET Electronic Lock<br>With Dual Code Mode
Kitlock KL1000-G3 Electronic Lock
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The Kitlock KL1000-G3NET is an enhanced version of the KitLock KL1000 electronic lock. If you are looking to improve the security of your cabinets - any cabinet - these locks are a great replacement for the traditional cam locks that are generally used in locking cabinets. The KL1000-G3NET , like the KL1000 uses pin-codes rather than keys to access the cabinet. But the KL1000-G3NET  takes secure access to another level by being able to require the entry of 2 pin codes to unlock the cabinet instead of just one, making it very attractive for banking, medical or any other industry where requiring dual access is desirable or mandatory.

The lock is 5 1/4 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide.

The KitLock KL1000-G3NET  Features
  • A 12 button keypad
  • 8 digit Master code
  • 8 digit sub-master code
  • User codes that are 4 digits long - up to 20 may be programmed at once
  • Master & sub-master codes which are up to 8 digits long
  • Dual code mode
  • Single use (locker) mode
  • Battery failure override
  • Can be fitted to units that do not have an existing lock
  • Programming and code changes are easily made - no software needed
  • IP54 rated when used with a door gasket (available separately)
  • Black
Here are the KL1000-G3NET Programming Instructions.