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Key Lock Box products available include:

KeySafe Pro S7
KeySafe Pro S7
Big Box

KeySafe Pro S7
KeySafe Pro with

KeyGuard Pro Auto
KeyGuard Pro
Vehicle Lock Box

KeySafe Portable
Original 3 key
KeySafe Portable

KeySafe Slimline
KeySafe Slimline
3 Key, Surface Mount

A key lockbox, also known as a key safe, is a simple device about the size of a large coffee mug for storing keys. The lock box can be attached to a door handle or wall and some actually mount on the door. Key safes come in sizes ranging from 3 keys up to 5 or 6 depending on the size of the keys.  When the lock box is installed, the owner selects a code and sets it in the door of the key safe. (We recommend using 4 to 6 numbers otherwise it is too easy to guess the code) A key, or key card, is placed into the storage compartment and the door closed. When needed, the door is opened with the code. (The code can be changed at any time.)

Finding the right key lock box for your home or rental unit is critical to the safety of the people living in or using your home. The best lock box for keys is also very important for businesses ensuring that their assets are protected from theft and vandalism.

The AccessPoint Key Safes made by Kidde are the standard for key lock boxes. They are built tough with a body that is cast from a zinc alloy rather than welded steel. Ne'er-do-wells can attack the key boxes with sledge hammers and still not gain access.

The Kidde Key Safes do have one potential drawback. If you lose the combination, there is no way to open the lock box other than by destroying it. There is no magic 'factory override' combination.

The lock boxes for house keys we sell fill a variety of roles including:
. Secure home access for kids after school
. Controlled access for regular visits from care providers
or Meals on Wheels for seniors
. Convenient access to rental properties
for both the renters and the owner.
. Emergency access for EMT, fire and police

Kidde Keysafe Slimline

A key lock box from
lets you keep your keys where you want them
and access them when you need them.

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