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FJM Security KeyGuard Pro
Steel Wall Mount Lock Box
Includes Protective Cover
FJM Security KeyGuard Pro <br />Steel Wall Mount Lock Box<br /> Includes Protective Cover
FJM Security KeyGuard Pro
Steel Wall Mount Lock Box
Includes Protective Cover
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Part Number:40-SL590-CVR
FJM Security’s durable KeyGuard® is the perfect solution for anyone needing to store keys for their vehicle. Its large full metal body makes it very strong and secure while providing room for keys, key fobs, or other small items. And the built-in keypad cover keeps the keypad for accumulating dirt.

In addition to the keypad cover, the lockbox come with a Protective Cover to protect it from weather.

The large familiar phone keypad punch buttons on the front are easy to view and takes only a few seconds to access the key storage vault. Changing the combination is simple. Access the back of face plate, select your combination and turn the yellow buttons to your desired combination.

This KeyGuard Pro SL590 is a heavy duty steel yet portable locking key holder made with the same durable construction that car dealers have relied upon for years.

The KeyGuard Pro has a mechanical push-button lock -- which needs no batteries -- opens easily using a numeric and/or alpha code you choose yourself and can change any time you want.

The KeyGuard Pro has an access door that is attached with a flexible "hinge" enabling the lock box to be opened and the key retrieved with one hand. 

External Dimension
• A= 4-3/4"
• B= 3-3/8"
• C= 2-1/2"

Internal Dimensions
• A= 4" Height
• B= 2-3/8" Width
• C= 1-1/8" Depth
• D= 4-3/8" Diagonal

• Easy to set and reset combinations
• No extra parts needed – includes screws and anchors
• Protective rubber cover from the elements
• Large key vault to store most types of keys and fobs