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Locking Medicine & Storage Cabinets

If you are looking for the HPC Locking Medicine Cabinet, you will probably have trouble finding it - anywhere. Currently HPC is quoting a 3 to 6 month delay in shipping any product.

However, we have an alternative for you.. our own Locking Medicine Cabinet. We actually think this medicine cabinet is superior to the HPC Locking Medicine Cabinet for a couple of reasons.
1. Our cabinet is slightly deeper ... 4" instead of 2 1/2" or 3 1/4"
2. Our cabinet has moveable/removeable shelves. This means that you can actually put a full sized bottle of rubbing alcohol in our cabinet.
3. Our cabinet allows you to open the door from either side.
4. Our cabinet supports a variety of locks including the standard wafer lock, a combination lock, the Compex DualAxess lock, or the electronic locks from Codelocks.

Our Made in the USA cabinet gives you much more versatility in many ways.

Our cabinet's product number is 10-12104. Check it out.

If you need to have controlled access to your medicine cabinet, with the newest addition to our electronic lock line - the Kitlock KL1550. you can require 2 unique (programmable) user codes be entered to open the lock. Now you have instant dual access control of your cabinet without the possibility of lost keys. This is particularly important when you need to store Controlled Substances.Kitlock Dual Access

For an example of how our locking medicine cabinets may be used in a Controlled Substances Program, please review the document developed by Wayne State University in Michigan for their research. That document is available at this link
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