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Posted by John Mertz on 5/6/2015 to Google Disaster
Well, the Google has done it again - in spades.  Their edict forcing us to become 'mobile friendly' or face their SERP wrath has cut our sales in half - month to month March 2015 as compared to April 2015.  It is unbelievably stunning how arrogant this unscrupulous company is.

Per their edict we converted to HTML5 on March 25, 2015.  Our sales in the months prior to that date for the year had been climbing nicely at a 15% rate.  April 2015 sales were less than 59% of March and actually less than any month we have ever had.

The change Google forced on us, the switch to HTML5, caused Internet Explorer to cease functioning properly with our website.  Over 95% of our customers use IE - at least according to Google Webmaster - but then again, it has become difficult to believe anything Google does or says - the percentage is probably higher.  

It turns out that consumers have to delete the temporary internet files IE creates - and seems to store forever - to allow our site to function properly.  Luckily, a customer called us who could not use our site after the switch to become mobile friendly and we were able to track down the problem.  But what about all the other potential customers that just gave up and went somewhere else?  We have probably lost them forever.

Sarcastically! ... Thank You Google.

I will be passing this on the the FTC and our elected representatives.  But, since Google has them 'well oiled' I am sure nothing will come of this.

Anyone know a good lawyer?

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