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New uses for old cabinets

Posted by John on 5/8/2012 to Selectlocks Blog
We recently had an unusual call. The call came from a prison in the south. The warden for the prison wanted a key cabinet that would hold all his regular key and hold the very large keys that are used to open and close jail cells. These keys can be 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide at the top and over 3 inches long. After some experimentation, and making some mock jail cell keys, we found that one of our Motor Vehicle Key Cabinets would work perfectly. The warden would have to use every other key hook, but the spacing between the hooks allowed the jail cell keys to hang quite nicely while the 'normal' keys could be hung as needed. The other advantage to the Motor Vehicle Key Cabinet is that up to 2 optional key panels can be added increasing the capacity of the basic 60 key model by 112 key hooks. By taking the time to listen to our customer, investigate the options and sending pictures of our solution for their approval, we resolved our customer's needs in a unique and creative way.

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