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Nuset battery usage

Posted by Valerie on 6/13/2013 to Selectlocks Blog
It is not normal for the batteries in the Nuset Electronic Lock Box to be completely drained in two months but on rare occasions a group of batteries may be defective.

However, it is possible for the batteries to be drained more quickly than anticipated.

We just spoke with the manufacturer and they reviewed with us some procedures to ensure our customers are not draining the batteries unnecessarily sooner than the estimated 1-2 year timeframe.

1. Once the box is open and you have used the key to access the door lock, return the key to the box and immediately shut and lock the unit. The batteries are used during the open time to record that the device is indeed open and being accessed. If the lock box is not properly closed, the batteries can drain down sooner.

2. If the box is accessed very frequently, make sure that it is always closed and locked as soon as the key(s) are no longer needed. Frequent use can also reduce the battery life.

If after replacing the batteries you experience premature failure, notify us and we will have the manufacturer work with you directly to correct the problem to your satisfaction.

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