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Our response to Google's Small Website Survey

Posted by Administrator on 10/7/2013 to Google Disaster
We sell durable goods - mainly key cabinets and key lock boxes. We used to rank quite high (number 3 in December 2012 for key lock boxes) - now we are not on the first page and our page rank is continuing to fall. Our customers are purchasing agents from other businesses and government agencies - not general consumers. They do not, or cannot, use Facebook or Twitter at work. Your new reliance on 'social media' is destroying us. Our search traffic has decreased by 40% in the last year and, like our page rank, continues to fall. We have tried, and continue to, blogging and 'freshening' our site to no avail. You are punishing us because our customers are not social network users. In fact, most of them think Tweating is what birds do.

Also, your encryption of search requests has had a negative impact, too. Now it is very difficult, if no impossible, to determine what search brought a visitor to our site. "Not Provided" is ridiculous.

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