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Quickbooks fails us yet again

I have decided to keep a running narrative of our continuing fight trying to make Quickbooks work smoothly. It has become a nearly impossible task. Quickbooks will work just fine one day and the next it fails miserably. Today, it is refusing to allow us to connect to the database. Something that we do every day. But many days Quickbooks pucks all over itself. Today started with error codes -6000 and -83 (at the same time, of course). Do a Bing (please.. please do not use Google. Google has ruined our business) search and nothing but gibberish comes up. After clicking OK and trying again to access the database, we then get the infamous and ever unpopular "It appears the the Quickbooks software on the computer XXXX is set up to allow shared access to the company file, but the Quickbooks software on your computer is unable to communicate with it". Like that is MY problem. NOT!. We have direct, ethernet connections between our machines. The only thing preventing communication is the Quickbooks software itself. And then the idiots at Intuit suggest downloading the "Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool". Funny ... that tool does NOT exist. You can download the Quickbooks File Doctor - but running that 'tool' is an exercise in futility. It is painfully obvious that Quickbooks is the hands down winner of the worst software foisted on businesses - ever. More to come later.

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