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Business, personal or real estate tamper evident key lock box

Posted by Valerie Emery on 7/31/2013 to Selectlocks Blog
Traditional key lock boxes have used by real estate agents for many years, but they are also very useful for business or personal key storage.

Two of the more popular and versatile key lock boxes are the
Kidde KeySafe Pro and the newer Electronic Lock Box from NuSet (the model 7060-3 Smart Box).
has developed a custom version of the Kidde Big Box and the NuSet Model 7060-3 featuring:
  • A USA made key retractor with an attached split metal key ring. The retractor extends up to 4 feet on a stainless steel cable coated with nylon
  • The key retactor is mounted with a tamper resistant security screw
  • For added security, a tamper proof cable key ring may be purchased, too
    (it must be destroyed to remove the key or access card)
  • (Note: the tamper proof cable key ring must replace the split metal key ring)

Mounted next to a locked door or gate, either of these custom key lock boxes instantly provides controlled access to that door or gate.

Feel confident that your keys or access cards are secure and cannot be removed from the key lock box without your knowledge - particularly when the optional tamper proof key ring is used.

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By: Valerie Emery
Valerie Emery

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