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TouchPoint Lock

A Summary of TouchPoint® Lock Features

The TouchPoint pushbutton combination lock, used on AccessPoint key cabinets, is well designed, easy to operate and very reliable. Since it is completely mechanical, no batteries are needed.

Setting the Combination
As few as one or as many as ten numbers can be used in a combination. For best results, the manufacturer recommends selecting between four and seven numbers.

The back of the lock has a cover which, when opened, exposes 10 screws corresponding to the numbered buttons on the keypad. The screws have arrows on them. A combination is set (or reset) by simply changing the direction of the arrows for numbers in the combination.

Note: Before setting the combination, please refer to the complete instructions which accompany each key cabinet.

Unlocking the Door
The combination can be entered in any sequence on the keypad. If a wrong button is inadvertently pressed, simply depress the "clear" button and start over. Once the correct code has been entered, the "open" knob can be turned to unlock the door.

To protect against forced entry, the lock is equipped with a clutch mechanism which allows the knob to turn without damage even when locked.

No Alternate Combination
There is no secondary combination or factory code; only the combination set by the user will unlock the unit - so don't forget it!

Quality Product
Order now to make sure your keys are secure, easy to access and well organized.

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