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Separated Key Tag parts

Posted by Valerie on 11/8/2013 to Selectlocks Blog
We have begun selling our product # 30-90100 Clear Plastic Split Ring Key Tags (box of 100) as three individual parts to make it easier for you to customize and assemble.

In the past, our customers had to remove the ring from the tag, take out the insert, write the information on the insert and place it back in the tag and then put the ring back in the tag and add the key(s).

Now you can print up all your inserts and then place them into the tags, add the split ring or tamper proof cable ring and keys - only performing the job once. And saving fingernails to boot.

In our new offering, you will find 25, 50 or 100 plastic tags, rings (of your choice) and inserts all packaged separately. The perforated insert sheets (30 on a page) are also included and and there is a Word template to allow you to edit each label - either the same or differently.

You can download the template at 30-90100 and scrolling down the page and clicking on the word 'Download'.

We hope you find the process easier and that by creating your own custom tag inserts make them look more professional.

Thanks for your business.

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