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Motor Vehicle Key Cabinets

These Key Cabinets are especially designed for motor vehicle keys including cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. The hook system they use is designed to accommodate larger keys and key fobs and the rows are offset so that the keys will not overlap. They are larger overall, much deeper and have additional space at the bottom - which is very convenient for storing documentation, licenses and other material. But they can be customized for special purposes, such as the large cell keys used in jails and prisons.

The latest addition to our line of automotive key cabinets, that we developed with the manufacturer, is the 310 hook car key cabinet from MMF. This brand new locking key cabinet is designed for the oversized key fobs used by most automobile manufacturers. But this also means that this cabinet is perfect for other applications, including jails with their paracentric keys. The offset spacing of the hook rows and curved nature of the hooks allows large keys to hang flat, or lets you hang multiple keys from a single hook, making this cabinet useful for more than just automotive purposes. Again, we can add a variety of optional locks, including safe locks, to this cabinet making it extremely versatile. (Note that this cabinet is made to order)
310 hook Key Cabinet

The SteelMaster Motor Vehicle Key Cabinets from MMF are particularly nice. Not only are they expandable with optional panels, they are over-sized in general leaving a lot of room to store other things, like cell phones and wallets.

We also offer two optional electronic locks from Codelocks, one that has 3 combinations and the other that allows requiring 2 codes for access. We also have a mechanical combination lock, with key override, from CompX that is another alternative to the standard wafer lock.

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