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Yet more proof that google is not an accurate search engine

Posted by " rel="author" title="Google Plus Profile for John Mertz">John Mertz on 6/20/2014 to Google Disaster
Here is yet another example of how google does not provide a reliable search engine experience.

Search google for "lock box to hold keys"
And then search with Bing
Or search with Yahoo

The results are Dramatically different.  In this case, Bing ranks at position number 2.  Yahoo ranks us at number 1. goolge, on the other hand, puts us at number 73.  

Not even close.  But the Bing and Yahoo search engines are actually more relevant.  Prior to the google disaster known as Penguin - and the other irrational, nonobjective 'updates' - if you can call them that - we ranked at number 3 on google.  Now we are number 73?  Give me a frigging break.

Bottom line - Please boycott google.  All they really care about is the money (most of the highly ranked sites pay google for advertising)  Their purported objective of a useful search experience is total bull shit.  (How does cloud storage relate to key lock boxes? which is ranked number 8 on google)


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